Hospitality Management

We offer efficient serving systems that are well-organized in order to be able to accomodate large groups of people in the shortest possible timeframe.

  • We constantly monitor and supervise the quality of the food we serve in order to offer “The 3 Best S`s” – Sugandh, Soorat and Swad
  • We serve diversified menus for a wide variety of domains from corporate offices to educational institutions. We pay great attention to calorie necessity, nutrient balances and special regimes.
  • We are prepared to serve food both on Chef and Wheels basis.
  • By serving food that is prepared 100% in-house, our company is able to control and supervise the quality of the dishes served from the first to the last step.

Housekeeping Services

Our company offers complete cleaning and sanitation services for all environments in order to secure and maintain a healthy workspace.

  • We base our services on experience and knowledge and we implement our services in a professional manner.
  • We offer pre-procedure planning for all the services we provide.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products in order to offer ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We are constantly tracking new technologies in order to upgrade our services to meet our clients strict requirements.

Laundry Management Service

RIPL offers electronic laundry card systems that offer yearly, half-yearly and monthly service subscriptions.

  • We offer personalized laundry bags for more convenient storing of clean laundry..
  • Our barcode tagging system will be applied to each garment in order to avoid mixing.
  • Through our “Valet service” we are able to conduct minor repair jobs such as replacing missing buttons and sewing tears upon request.
  • “Special quick services” upon request for urgent delivery of garments.
  • “Premium packing” to keep the freshly cleaned garments for a longer period.
  • Convenient “Door-to-door” pick-up and delivery through our online billing system.
  • Our programs are proven to increase both revenues and client satisfaction.
  • By using modern  garment cleaning technologies we have made significant leaps forward in making the work of our employees infinitely easier.


Pest Control

  • Our company offers free situation analyses in order to determine the primary sources of your pest related problems and will offer you a personalized protection plan.
  • All the products that we use are environmentally friendly in order to assure protection for you and your family.
  • We offer modern pest control techniques that include insulation services and prevent the reappearance of the problem.
  • We guarantee highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for all your pest related problems.

Fleet Management

We offer parking management systems designed and built from the drawing board to the final delivery.

  • By delivering intelligent parking management systems we not only optimize parking programs but also deliver more convenient solutions for drivers.
  • We can help you reduce costs and street congestion from smart parking integration to meter operations.
  • We offer easy parking solutions that your customers will be more than happy to use.
  • We offer parking management for any occasions. We offer integrated solutions in order to offer the best first impression possible at your most important events.

Landscaping and gardening

RIPL offer complete landscaping services both for residential and corporate clients.

  • We offer planning and design services based on your specific requirements.
  • We fulfill every job with the help of highly trained employees that have experience in landscape maintenance.
  • We offer cleaning and caretaking services throughout each season making specific gardening operations to keep the surroundings of your home and company headquarter clean and healthy.

Medical Services

We offer a wide variety of healthcare facilities such as surgery centers, clinics, public health organizations and hospitals that are properly cleaned, maintained and supplied.

  • We take pride of our professionally trained specialists and vehicle fleet that is on a 24/7 service for any medical emergency.
  • We work with highly trained doctors, physicians and surgeons.
  • We offer improved and well-organized ambulances both for transfer services and emergency services.
  • We believe in quality services and we put great price on integrity and compassion.

Manpower and Recruitment

Our company offers a helping hand in finding trained professionals for your company.

  • We work with many different corporate organizations from a wide variety of activity domains.
  • We conduct rigorous personal trialing programs in order to find the best candidates for the job.
  • We offer good communication skills and we are open for briefings in order to better understand your demands.

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